A bright tomorrow

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 Messo has lived in Mukuru for all his 21 years and known its problems first hand. His mother brought him up on his own with his 4 siblings. The cases of teenage pregnancies within his area gave him a heavy heart and he felt that the lives of many young girls were cut short. His attachment at NairoBits Trust as a peer educator enabled him to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle SRHR issues. His key priority issue was on teenage pregnancies.

Messo’s involvement as a peer educator transformed his self-confidence and has helped him thrust on his new journey, an advocate for the voiceless as where once he felt helpless he has the skill to change through information.

“I am changing the lives of young people like me, who else is better to give them the information than someone who lives amongst them?”

The future of Messo is bright. His ambition is to find a full time job. Helping people in Mukuru and its surroundings. With his determination and self-confidence and skills he looks to be well in transforming the lives of other youth.